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(Rich Dad Poor Dad)

"Finding good partners is the key to success in anything: in business, in marriage and especially in investing."

We believe in total transparency at every level. Every building brings its challenges. A thorough analysis and pro-forma are completed and full disclosure and due dilegence performed.



Choosing the right apartment as your next investment and knowing when the time is right to sell requires experience and expertise – At Nicolan, we're here to help you.

we're more than just your broker - we're your experienced partners

We are located in Goodyear, Arizona and are a locally owned brokerage, specializing in the multi family (apartment) market. We are seasoned brokers who take more of a consultative approach with our clients. Our apartment brokering experience includes the Southern California, Oregon and Arizona markets. Our relationships are built on integrity, loyalty and the results we bring!


We listen and focus on our client's expectations and goals right from the start. We are not interested in a one time commission. We are experienced brokers who pride ourselves in long term relationships and further wealth building. We are seasoned pros in apartment investing, brokering and asset managing.


building long term core clients through integrity and results

why apartments

Janet Dircks is a Partner in Nicolan. Janet's real estate career began in 1995 in Orange County California.  She quickly found herself representing savvy real estate investors who needed to 1031 exchange their rental houses into larger more robust investments.  After she and Brian relocated to her hometown of Portland, Oregon they both took the plunge into apartment brokering. They worked for the largest apartment brokerage for a few years before launching their successful brokerage Nicolan Capital, located in Portland's West Hills.  Almost 20 years later, Janet and Brian are enjoying the desert lifestyle of Phoenix, Arizona.  Their careers include apartment ownership, brokering, asset managing, and group investments.


Janet's father, Robert Gillett came from very humble beginnings growing up in the Fairmont Apartments (now a historical building) in NW Portland. He spent his days on the docks and Columbia River working as a Longshoreman lugging 100 lb. grain sacs, shoveling asbestos in the belly of ships, and embodied a hard work ethic. He was very proud to be an ILWU Union Man.  All of his years of hard work paid off as he was able to invest in an apartment building, partnering with Brian and Janet. The wealth building and apartment investing continues and Robert's legacy lives on. He would be proud to know his grand daughter graduated ASU Cum Laude with a Marketing Degree and his grandson is studying Law at ASU.

By specializing and focusing on apartments we have gained an unparalleled powerful expertise. We work with our clients for the long term multi generational wealth building.



Brian Dircks is the Designated Broker and a Partner in Nicolan.  He has over 20 years experience in the multi-family (apartment)  industry as a Lender, Investor, Broker, Asset Manager, and Group Investment Leader. He has a degree in Business with an emphasis in Accounting from San Diego State University.