Lake Road Courtyard

St. James Building

Recent Success Stories

Greenwood Apartments
Goodyear, Arizona

Purchase price $3.4 million

Implemented leasing changes and repositioning of tenant base has increased the income over 20%, increased the cash flow over 50%. After just 2 years of ownership a new appraisal was done, and this property is now valued at $4.7 million. That's a $1.4 million increase in value!
Annual ROI over 250% right now! 

Dorsey Place‚Äč

Tempe, Arizona

Purchase price $11.3 million.
Small Group Off Market Purchase.  

High end condos turned into Apartments.  
Simple change in leasing approach turned this property into nice cash cow.  
Annual ROI 25% plus.  

D Street Apartments

Berry Hill Apartments

Courtyard Village
Phoenix, Arizona

Purchase price $3.1 million

Small Group Purchase with value add strategy. 
Simple value add strategy takes this property to the next level.  
Annual ROI 25% plus.

Patio Garden Court

Cardinal Village Apartments

Notable Properties

Curry Court Apartments

Cabana Apartments

Bel Aire Court

Maple View Apartments

Garrett Street Apartments

Cedar Park Apartments